Katy Perry, Roar Music Video


Katy Perry killed off her cotton-candy image, but her love for cats will never die.

On Tuesday, the pop star released the latest video teaser for her upcoming single "Roar," which comes out Aug. 12. The aptly titled "From a Meow to a Roar" clip features a handsome, mighty white cat and a tiny preview of Katy's newest track. It's hard to surmise too much from the single's snippet, but the song is clearly an upbeat, quintessentially Katy-sounding song.

"This one's for the kittens," she tweeted. "It's time to make those meows #ROAR"

But this isn't the first glimpse of Katy's fiercer side. Earlier this week, the 28-year-old singer released a "Roar" teaser showing her Teenage Dream persona being laid to rest. Mourners—including two young girls in "California Gurl" style purple wigs—cried tearfully at the funeral of Katy's former image. Katy herself, however, gave a knowing smirk to the camera, looking eager to get that candy-cane-covered coffin six feet under.

And in the first "Roar" teaser released Friday, K.P. set her blue wig on fire! RIP, weave.

That said, Ms. Perry has abandoned her love for all things flashy just yet. An enormous, shiny, attention-grabbing gold truck touting her Oct. 22 album release date is making its way across the country.

Getting excited yet, Katy Cats?

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