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Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg

Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Courtesy: Denise Truscello/WireImage

Like Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg spent his teenage years in the spotlight, and he knows it's not always easy.

And in a recent web chat with The Sun, the 42-year-old father of four shared some insight and words of wisdom about the 19-year-old pop star.

When the 2 Guns star was asked what he thought about the Biebs "suddenly going downhill" and "a bit off the rails," Marky Mark showed complete compassion. "He's a teenager," he said. "Obviously he's living in a different day and age where everybody's got a cell phone and paparazzi's everywhere. But, I was in prison before I got a record out. I don't think he's been to prison, and I don't think he wants to go."

Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg

Todd Williamson/Wireimage

When asked what advice he'd give to Justin, Mark mimicked the interviewer's English accent and intonation, kiddingly saying, "Justin, are you listening? Don't be so naughty. Be a nice boy. Pull your trousers up. Make your mum proud. Stop smoking all that weed, you little bastard." (Sensationalist media, it's a joke!)

Mark quickly made it clear he was playing around. "No, look, he's a kid!" he said. "Let him live his life! I would hope that he would look at it like I wish I looked at it, and think now is the time to be focused and to be disciplined and to try to be the best that I can be at what I do in his career, like an athlete should."

The rapper-turned-actor added that the Biebs is "a nice enough kid" and confirmed the duo's movie project "still could happen." (He told E! News in April that it's just a matter of getting schedules aligned.) And if that happens, "maybe we'd do something for a soundtrack," Mark said. "But I don't know if that's gonna happen."


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