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Just because she's Queen B doesn't mean she always needs royal treatment.

Beyoncé proved that she can be down for the nitty-gritty and opted to bike to the last of three concerts at Barclays Center on Monday night.

The following Tuesday, she posted an Instagram pic to show her preferred method of transportation, captioned, "I biked to Barclays for my last show in Brooklyn!"

The pop diva singer couldn't just bike across the Brooklyn Bridge like anyone, however, so she sported shades and a sun hat to hide her identity.

The Texas native has had quite an entertaining series of concerts this summer on her Mrs. Carter Show world tour, from concertgoers fainting to getting her hair stuck in a fan to having her butt slapped while performing.

And just a few weeks ago, she was surprised and affectionately smooched onstage at her Philadelphia concert by none other than her hubby, Jay-Z!

The rapper also took a break from his own summer tour with Justin Timberlake to make an appearance at the his wife's last Brooklyn show, performing "Tom Ford" off his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

And just a week before the duo's onstage PDA moment in Philly, the "Single Ladies" singer supported her hubby and J.T. at their NYC concert, where a tribute was paid to Trayvon Martin.

Looks like this power couple just can't get enough of each other. Who could blame 'em?

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