And the latest Sesame Street parody goes to...

Sons of Anarchy!

In the comedic spoof "Sons of Poetry," a gang of bikers go around town, helping people with rhyming words. The long-running TV series is known for its adaptations of contemporary TV shows for a younger audience, including Law & Order: SVU, Downton Abbey, True Blood and Mad Men

Even big-screen blockbusters like The Hunger Games and The Avengers have been parodied by the show.

Aside from parodies, the show also has an extensive celebrity guest list, which most recently included Kristen Bell, Jon Hamm and Don Cheadle in its 43rd season. The popular children's series even paid tribute to James Gandolfini in June by sharing a clip of the late actor appearing on the show via their YouTube channel.

The parody really hit home with Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, who took to his Twitter account to post the YouTube link and to thank Sesame Street.

"growing up with bert & ernie, having a 6 yr. old who loves elmo. this meant so much to me," he wrote, adding, "thank you Sesame Street."

Looks like he's one glad dad—yes, we like to rhyme, too.

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