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Who's ready to celebrate a decade of drama with our favorite Grey's Anatomy doctors?!

With the season-10 premiere of the ABC megahit less than two months away, we're already counting down the hours until we're back in the hallowed halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

To feed our frenzy, we caught up with three of Grey's Anatomy's leading ladies, Sara Ramirez, Camilla Luddington and Sarah Drew, at the ABC party on Sunday night in Beverly Hills and got them to spill tons of secrets from  the new season.

According to Luddington, the first episode back, titled "Seal Our Fate," will pick up right where we left off in the midst of a whirlwind of trauma and drama. "The storm is still happening and Jo is still bruised up from her drama last season with her ex-boyfriend. So the first two episodes kind of deal with that chaos still," she said.

But now that Jo and Karev (Justin Chambers) have become a full-fledged couple, Jo is more than ready to put her difficult past behind her and embrace her new beau. Luddington explained, "For Jo personally, she and Karev have kind of just declared their love so they have an entire season of exploring that." Awww, adorable!

Speaking of love, our Chief Resident Dr. April Kepner is still going to be caught in between two swoon-worthy fellas: Matt (Justin Bruening) and Jackson (Jesse Williams). "[April] is definitely going to be in the midst of this love triangle for a while," Drew spilled, "We're going to really see her start to kick ass as a trauma surgeon, as an attending, and I'm really excited to see that stuff happen. She's going to take her boards again, let's pray that she passes them." Fingers crossed!

And what's coming up next for Grey Anatomy's favorite orthopedic surgeon? Ramirez says that Callie is going to be struggling through a very tough time in her relationship when the series returns in September. "We can expect is to see her reeling from the infidelity being confirmed and then on top of that to find out that her wife is still very angry at her for breaking a promise—she promised not to cut off the leg and then had to do it to save her wife's life," Ramirez shared.

Since this is the second time Callie has had a spouse cheat on her, Ramirez revealed that this betrayal will definitely cause her to lash out against everyone in her path. "Callie is enraged, she's devastated, she's broken-hearted, and understandably so. And basically doesn't hide it from the hospital," she said. Hell hath no fury like a Callie scorned!

So will the beloved couple Calzona be able to move past this? Ramirez simply stated, "They have a lot of work to do."

Check out our full interview with the Grey's Anatomy ladies above to find out their feelings on a decade on the air, which doctor is looking to shake-things up, and who's hoping to have a baby! And don't miss the season 10 of Grey's Anatomy when it premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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