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Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson's health is his top priority.

Honey Boo Boo's father has checked into a hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., in order to treat an unidentified neurological disorder.

The family traveled there this past weekend from their home in McIntyre, Ga., and he has reportedly been undergoing a battery of tests as doctors attempt to diagnose his condition.

Family matriarch Mama June has been regularly posting updates on Facebook to keep fans up to speed on Sugar Bear's prognosis.

"Well everyone plz keep sugarbear in our thought as we r leaving mcintrye to head to Jacksonville to the mayo clinic to see what they will say in the am," she wrote on Sunday. "we r all nervous to c what will b done with everything will update when we hear something ‪#‎nervous and ‪#‎hoping for the best."

Mama June Thompson, Mike Sugar Bear

Jason Winslow / Splash News

A day later, Mama June revealed that the family will need to hunker down in Jacksonville for at least another week.

"Well we r back at the hotel after the neuro appt have to go back for more tests today and we will b here all week to run tests and more appts to get the right diagnosis and treatment sugarbear needs so will update more later," she wrote.

At least Alana Thompson's father seems to be in good spirits: Shortly after, Mama June posted a photo of him in the hospital with his famous daughter by his side.

Over the past year, Sugar Bear has been battling a string of health problems: In September, he was hospitalized after suffering an infection from a foot injury that left him on crutches, and in December, an ambulance was called to their home after he reported not feeling well.

In May, he was once again hospitalized after collapsing.

Here's wishing him a speedy recovery as doctors work to bring him back to tiptop health.

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