Mariah Carey

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Don't be surprised if super chic slings become the latest accessory craze thanks to Mariah Carey. Let's just hope they're reserved for people who actually need a sling...

Since dislocating her shoulder, the former Idol judge has stepped out in a whole series of haute couture hospital equipment. Mrs. Nick Cannon debuted her latest at The Butler premierea black, studded number to match her black, studded cocktail dress. 

So as fashion lovers we've got to knowhow does the "#Beautiful" singer do it? Is there a sling to match every dress in her closet?? We have a feeling there isn't enough room in any closet on earth for that many slings. So does Mimi find the arm candy first then get a dress designed to match?

Or could it be that there's a business already selling matching sling and dress combos?! If there is, wow, but if there isn't, we recommend Mariah get a business plan together immediately.

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