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Word of the night at the ABC party on Sunday? "Glowing."

And you best believe everyone was talking about Kerry Washington.

In her first public appearance since secretly tying the knot to football player Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24, and getting her first Emmy nomination, Washington appeared at the TV Critics press tour in Beverly Hills to promote ABC's Scandal, and audibly squealed, hugged, and even jumped up and down when she saw her costars.

"She is beaming!" Guillermo Diaz told me when asked to describe Kerry as a married woman. "She's just so happy."

"She says ‘my husband' and giggles a dozen times a day," Scott Foley added.

Of course, Kerry (who, yes, wore her wedding ring last night!) has another reason to celebrate: Her first Emmy nomination.

"The day of the Emmy nomination was our first table read," Kerry told us. "So I got to hang with the cast and the writers and the crew and really say to them, which I feel in my heart, that this nomination belongs to everybody, because there's no way that you could play a character like Olivia Pope for 22 episodes without just reflecting the excellence around you."

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The fact that Kerry would credit her cast and crew for her own nomination speaks to what has also helped to make Scandal one of TV's buzziest shows and also a Twitter phenomenon: The cast gets along ridiculously well. They seem like besties. And in person? The affection is even more bananas.

"The women on our show are so affectionate you want to throw up in your mouth!" star Darby Stanchfield (Abby) told me with a laugh. "But it's true! We are that close. When we wrapped last season, we went out for a three-hour dinner to talk about our lives. There's a lot of true support and wanting each other to shine. It's not this competitive, diva, jealousy thing and I find that really lovely in this business."

Boss Shonda Rimes admits she has learned a thing or two from past experiences (perhaps the early seasons of Grey's Anatomy? Just guessing) and has personally "vetted" each cast member on Scandal—"If four people did not say that this actor was amazing to work with, then that actor was not going to happen." But she also credits Kerry for the ridiculously positive vibes on the set and off.

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"Kerry sets the tone," Shonda explains. "She is selfless. Incredibly generous. She shows up on days when she's not working just to cheer other people on. Knows the name of every single crew member. Buys people cupcakes. Knows everybody's birthday. She's incredible."

Yup. So much nauseating affection and posititivity. And yet we just can't help but root for Kerry and the entire Scandal gang. And can't wait to see the new season.

Stand by for more scoop from Kerry and the cast on what to expect in season three!

—Additional reporting by Leanne Aguilera

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