Scrubs: "The Janitor's Name Is Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate"

By Kristin Dos Santos Jul 17, 2008 12:39 AMTags

Maybe it's because they are so very, very aged (read on for more about that), but the Scrubs peeps are relaxed and happy and as such, the funny comes easy. Of all the TV Critics Press Tour panels so far, the Scrubs panel was by far the most hilarious. It was also dishy, as Bill Lawrence, Zach Braff and the rest discussed on the show's future, the new interns and a young comer named Courteney Cox. Click in for the goods!

Secrets and Lies: According to Neil Flynn, the Janitor's name is "Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate"—or that's possibly the name of an obscure Dr. Seuss character. It could go either way. Bill told us that when it comes to the Janitor, sometimes they write in the script, "Neil Flynn says something funny here." (No pressure though.) All that said, be careful what you wish for, Scrubs fans, because according to Lawrence, "When you hear the janitor's name it means the show is over." Awww, just like Mr. Big.

Spoiler Alert! (For That Other Show): Creator Bill Lawrence says this of Sarah Chalke on How I Met Your Mother: "They don't want me to say it, but she's the mom." (He was joking, but oh, she so totally is...) Scrubs production for this season is done by Sept. 1, so she will have plenty of time later this year if HIMYM wants her back. When asked if she wanted  to be Ted's chosen lady, Sarah said, "Who wouldn't want to be the mom!?"

The New New Kids on the Block: Apparently when they introduced the new young interns who will be joining the series this season, Bill Lawrence told us that the existing cast said, "Hey, we're the young ones!" and he told them, in regard to their visible youthfulness or lack thereof, "Why don't you take a gander at the opening credits?" (Which show them in their first season.) Per Zach Braff: "You think he's kidding but he really said that."

Goo Girl: According to Lawrence, they originally reached out to John Cusack for the Courteney Cox role of the new hospital chief, but he was shooting a movie. However, if and when his schedule clears, they're hoping to bring him onto the series later in the year. As for Courteney, Lawrence testified that she is "high-larious," and that, "She is what we call a gamer. She is up for anything. I don't think you get that all the time with high-profile actresses." They might be pushing their luck with that though, as they apparently left her back on set "covered in goo." Nice, guys.

To Infinity, and Beyond! When asked about  possibly returning to do more episodes after his planned departure from the series at the end of this season, Zach Braff said, "I'd love to come back, and maybe direct some...and help with craft services if they need that." As for the series' struggle for ratings success, Lawrence joked, "Mark my words, this is the year Scrubs is a huge hit." Chimed in Zach Braff, "Lucky season eight!"

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Natalie Abrams