First they waved. Then they learned to play the horn. Now? They're stealing our dumpsters.


At first you may be alarmed at this security footage of a massive death machine cleverly wheeling a dumpster around. You may think that the bears may be on the precipice of an uprising, but I'd like point something out here: Man taught that bear to wave, man taught that bear to play that horn, and now man will teach bears to take out our garbage! That's right, Garbage Bears!


Every morning the bears will wake up in their caves, put on their adorable little garbage outfits, and hilariously drive around picking up our garbage. Now, we'll have to teach the bears to drive as well, but we'll worry about that later. It's a job nobody really wants anyway, so let's make bears do it!

So as you can see, there's really no reason to be afraid. I mean, it's not like they're weilding bo staffs or anything... OH CRAP.

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