Now this you gotta see!

Even if you're not a fashionista (like every single person depicted in this outrageous video), you'll appreciate the chaotic antics that free (yes, free!) designer clothes can incite.

Top designer Alexander Wang hosted a special "undisclosed one-time event" in New York City recently, where his very loyal fashion fans gathered with anticipation, totally unsure of what to expect. 

The crowd waits patiently for what seems like quite a while before things get interesting.

Really interesting.

Upon entering a warehouse, fans are treated to a video of Wang thanking his fans for their support. He then tells them that in a few minutes they'll have access to his T by Alexander Wang collection, completely on the house.

Yes, really—it's a shopping miracle!

Needless to say, the crowd goes wild.

Fierce fashionistas duke it out with wild abandon at the most insane sample sale you've ever stumbled upon.

Punches are thrown, clothing racks are tackled to the ground and you better believe the claws come out!

It's Alexander Wang, people...this is CFDA-approved goodness!  

In the last few scenes, we see triumphant shoppers holding on to their prized winnings with vengeance.

Now this is what we call style survival!

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the comments below!

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