Jack Is Back! Kiefer and Bosses Talk 24 Movie and New Season

By Kristin Dos Santos Jul 15, 2008 9:33 AMTags
Kiefer Sutherland, 24Kelsey McNeal / Fox

I just saw part of the 24 prequel coming out this fall, and let me tell you, it is tragic.

Tragic because it is only two hours, and when you see the footage that came out of Africa—Jack Bauer running around in what looks like a bona fide movie, kicking rebel booty and saving African children (Angelina would be so proud)—you'll wish what they shot in Africa were an entire season.

Luckily, a full season of, you guesssed it, 24 episodes of 24 will follow the two-hour prequel set in Africa, and Kiefer Sutherland and Co. were on hand at Fox's Press Tour spilling this inside intel...

There "Probably" Will Be a 24 Movie: "I think we’re going to probably do the film when we stop doing the series, [but] I don’t know when it’s going to be," says Kiefer. "I’ve loved making this show and I’ve always said that the audience ultimately will dictate and tell you when it’s time to stop." Sweet—2050 works for me. Thanks for asking, Kief!

Carlos Bernard Is Not the Six-Million-Dollar Man: Regarding the seemingly miraculous upcoming resurrection of Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard), exec producer Jon Cassar teases, "You will totally believe that he was alive when you see the unbelievably great explanation of what happened with Tony Almeida. And no, he's not a bionic man." I know. Did it turn out that wasn't really his head in the box? Oh wait, wrong show.

Location, Location, Location: The prequel is set in Africa (a fictional country called Sengela), but the new season is set in Washington, D.C. Executive producer Howard Gordon says moving out of L.A. adds intensity: "There is a reason why thrillers tend to be set in Washington, D.C., because what’s at stake is represented iconically in Washington. The power and intuitions that have been threatened are there."

Two Heads of State Better Than One? Says Cassar, "Cherry Jones plays our new female president. What you get in the prequel—which is also very interesting and I've never seen it before—is one president saying goodbye and the other president starting. Basically the prequel takes place on the inauguration day in Washington, and at the same time, in real time, [Jack is] in Africa."

Jon Voight Must Be Killed Off (According to Jon Voight): Jon Voight as Jonas Hodges is all over the prequel movie, will also be on the series for the larger part of the season and is "involved in a Blackwater-type organization," according to Cassar. Says Voight: "Obviously this guy is a villain and he’s a very serious villain. This is a very bad fellow." So will he die a very bad death? "I deserve to," says Voight with a laugh. "Whether justice will prevail or not, we will see."

Final Fun Fact: Gordon says that if you do all the math on what year it is in 24-land to incorporate all the presidential administrations, it's 2017. Jack Bauer must be rocking some good face cream, right?

Now, truth time: Do you think 24 can bring back the magic, or has it lost you for good? See you in the comments below...