Channing Tatum

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Pappa's got a brand new beard!

Well, goatee to be precise.

Channing Tatum debuted a fresh look on the set of his upcoming action flick Jupiter Ascending. Sporting newly blond locks and facial scruff, the actor filmed scenes without costar Mila Kunis.

This is the second major hair makeover the 33-year-old has gone through for a role. Previously he completely shaved off his signature spikey brunette locks.

Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis

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Obviously this small transformation is minimal to the big changes going on in his life off set.

On May 30, Channing and wife Jenna Dewan welcomed their first child together in London. The baby girl, named Everly, already has Daddy wrapped around her wee finger, according to Tatum:

"I've never been so excited when something poos," he said on Good Morning America. "I just get so amped up because I'm in the game now. The mom does so much of the early work those first few weeks and I'm just like, 'Put me in the game. Put me in the game.' I've gotten so good at like changing diapers, swaddling and then get it back before she cries."

What do you think of Channing's new look?

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