Makeup Meltdown

With July breaking records as the hottest month on record, it seems August may be even more sweltering. It is almost inhuman to not break out in a sweat as soon as you step outside.Yet one peek at celebs on recent red carpets and many are the definition of looking "cool as a cucumber."

So how do they manage to look so beautifully breezy in scorching temperatures?  Well, in the case of Zoe Saldana and other leading ladies, it's all thanks to a few essential beauty products.

The Star Trek star's makeup artist Vera Steimberg tells E! News to get a melt-proof look you have to stick to oil-free products, rely on blotting and apply waterproof mascara.

In addition to those basics, Steimberg also shared which products are her go-tos. Here's exactly what you should look for to copy Zoe's flawless look:

1. Skin: Always start with a primer! "Silicone can make the skin look smoother, but not everyone likes to use it as an everyday ingredient on your face," shares Steimberg. Her top choice is Laura Mercier Primer Radiance. Next step? "Keep foundation light," says Steimberg, who recommends water-based formulas. "If you don't need full coverage on your skin, I recommend tinted moisturizers, they are amazing! Not only are they extremely lightweight, but they also offer incredible coverage."

2. Eyes: Because cream eye shadows tend to have more movement, Steimberg says she usually opts for powders. Both mascara and eyeliner should be waterproof, of course, but she says the real trick is: "After the mascara is applied and dried, I like to use a metal eyelash comb to remove any excess product. This technique also helps to avoid smudging."  

3.Cheeks: Since your skin is likely to already be glowing in warmer weather, Steimberg says she likes to apply powder to achieve a more matte look. One hue she likes to use on Zoe is Laura Mercier Crème Cheek Colour in Rosebud. 

4. Lips: To avoid bleeding and smears when it comes to lip color, always prep with a lip liner all over your pout. Even if you have a lighter color (think pink or nude) use a clear lip linear to hold tint in place.

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