It's Throwback Thursday, and while we have several photos of ourselves eating Honey Combs on Saturday morning while wearing a really cool Garfield shirt from 1989, we won't be posting those self-indulgents... BECAUSE THOSE ARE OUR PICTURES DAMMIT!  Instead, we've got internet throwback! A video from 2006 has aged at least three decades in internet time, and that's just the year of the video we're presenting to you today.

 The year was 2006! Youtube videos were rated in stars, dreams of 10 hour video loops seemed impossible, and some people only really liked Arcade Fire's first album! But there was a little piece of Heaven on Earth, that was just like, just like, just like, a mini mall. Flea Market Montgomery.

We happened to get an EXCLUSIVE* interview with Sammy Stephens to talk about the Montgomery Flea Market years after his internet fame.

Soup: First, let's clear a few things up -  Montgomery Flea Market carries what exactly?

Sammy Stephens: Living rooms, bedrooms, dinnettes, you need it, you'll find it, at Montgomery Flea Market.

Soup: If you could create a simile for the flea market, what would it be?

SS: It's just like a mini mall.

Soup: And how would a dance for the flea market go?

SS: To the left, to the right, repeat.

Soup: Last question, what are you up to these days?

SS: Waiting for my internet check.

*completely false

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