Leven Rambin

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

At first we didn't even notice those little flares of fabric on Leven Rambin's dress.

Frankly, we were disappointed by this seemingly boring grey-and-black cocktail frock. This ADEAM design seemed like too safe a choice for the start of the Percy Jackson star's red carpet run. Then we saw those...fins? Or are these more like wings?

Whatever they're called, what's the point of those little blue pieces? They're not big enough to make a major design statement, but the bold color is certainly saying, "look over here!"

If anything, we wish there was another touch of the silky insert up at the neckline or maybe the waist? Something to really tie it into the look. Right now it's just sitting there making this slight starlet's hips look way wider than they are.

Obviously we're not fans of this fashion choice, but what's your take?

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How do you feel about Leven's dress fins?
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