Jennifer Garner


Disclaimer: we love Jennifer Garner. We love her adorable kids, we worship her very real marriage, and we binge watch Alias whenever we get the flu.

So it pains us to highlight her as our latest "hot mess"this is the woman who brought us 13 Going on 30! And yet, facts are fact, and the fact is that Mrs. Ben Affleck looks like she just stepped out of the shower and grabbed an outfit from the hamper!

With three little kids at home, it's entirely possible that our hypothetical is the reality. The Butter star obviously didn't have time to blow dry, and we're not sure she put more than thirty seconds of thought into this denim shirt and too-big skirt combo. But in the spirit of everybody-has-one-of-those-days, we're going to turn the tables on our own critique and hail this as an A for effort.

At least she's wearing a complete outfit! She also appears to have remembered her sunglasses and hand bag. And if we were her, we'd totally be wearing flip flops. So you go Jen! Live your life! We'll pick on a celeb with far less going on next time.

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