Anyone still wondering what Bradley Cooper looks like with a perm or Jennifer Lawrence with a beehive, look no further: the trailer for American Hustle is here!

After scoring a huge hit with last year's The Silver Linings Playbook, director David O. Russell premiered a sneak peek to his follow up on Wednesday's Good Morning America, and by all accounts, things get hairy—and we mean that literally!

The two Silver Linings stars reunite to team up with Christian Bale, who won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Russell's film, The Fighter, as well as Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner for this tale about 1970s corruption in America.

American Hustle, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale


The drama is a fictionalized take on Abscam, the famous FBI sting operation in the late '70s that targeted traffickers in stolen property and ended up snaring six members of Congress and various other government officials on bribery charges.

But the real star of American Hustle is the Me Decade as the cast sports a variety of '70s fashions and facial hair. And did we mention authentic New York accents?

The trailer opens with a bearded Bale, playing con artist Irving Rosenfeld and sporting a thick Bronx brogue, talking to a bearded Cooper about a Rembrandt painting hanging an art gallery, which he says is a fake.

"Who was the master, the painter or the forger?" Irving tells him.

American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence


What the erstwhile Bruce Wayne doesn't know is that Bradley's character is actually an undercover agent looking to recruit him to set up the FBI's operation.

At that point, Led Zeppelin's "Good Times, Bad Times" kicks things into high gear with tantalizing images flashing by including a sexy J.Law and Adams, drinking, partying, and carrying out various schemes that are likely against the law.


American Hustle, Amy Adams


As Russell told GMA this morning: "[Moviegoers] can expect a wild world of amazing characters. People with their passions and their hearts that was inspired by this wild event that happened back then."

Adams plays Bale's partner-in-crime  while, per the writer-director, Renner plays a New York State assemblyman with a "big heart."

The flick, which also costars Louis C.K., Robert De Niro and Michael Péna, hits theaters on Dec. 25, 2013.

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