Two broke girls? More like two joke girls!


Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs sat down with E! News for a playful interview in which they dished on their CBS comedy's third season, and to defend (sorta) a comment made by Dennings on Twitter that set the Bieberverse ablaze: "Justin Bieber's Instagram is making me uncomfortable," the actress tweeted.


Michael Yarish/CBS

"I would like to clear up what I said about Justin Bieber's Instagram," Dennings, 27, told E! News. "Here's the deal. I said that about his Instragram because there's so many shirtless pictures, and I feel like he's too young to be posting shirtless pictures! I mean good for you, you've got that side stuff and you're real young…"

"Of course he has side stuff!" Behrs (also 27) interjected with a laugh.  "He's 19! His metabolism is like [claps hands rapidly]!" Behrs also believes, for the record, that the Beebs "was so cute when he was little." Awww...

As for what's ahead on season three of 2 Broke Girls, returning Sept 23 to CBS, the girls tease that there their characters will start a cupcake walk-up window business—"It will be cool to see them having success," says Dennings—and Dennings' character Max will get a love interest, who has not yet been cast. "I might have a chemistry test with one or two of the candidates," she tells me, "but really I would just like them to line them all up."

And the vagina jokes—which caused quite the uproar in season one-- are not going away, folks!

"I don't think [the writing] became more tame at all," Kat says. "I do think people kind of got over it…We said it a lot in one episode called ‘Vagina Bed' and maybe they were desensitized to it after that and then they weren't shocked by it any more…It's not a big deal."

"It's just anatomy," Beth adds. "Tomato, tomahto, vagina, vageena."

To each his own, right? Well, unless you are a 19-year-old with a series shirtless selfie habit...Apparently we have to draw the line somewhere!

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