Fun fact: Actor Jerry O'Connell is friends with the Kim Kardashian and the fam.

"I'm from Calabasas, where they were—I'm not sure if they were born there—but they were raised there," the We Are Men star tells E! News the second their name is brought up.

"I've known them since they were in high school. Sent us beautiful baby gifts when our kids were born. I love those girls."

Jerry O'Connell, Charlie Tamara, Dolly Rose

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Oh, and Kim, if you're still waiting for Jerry's gift to North West, know that it might be a while.

"I need to get on that," O'Connell admitted to us, "and I won't even regift. We have a lot of old baby gifts that we haven't opened yet that sometimes if someone has a new kid—woot—you just put 'em right in the mail and save a couple bucks."

But until that present arrives in the mail, the actor did have something to give the new mom—a bit of parenting advice.

"Well, I have twins, so it's double trouble there. I'm actually gonna get serious here for a second—my kids are 4 and a half, it goes by like that [snaps], you know?" he said.

"It just goes so fast…this time it's crazy, kid's gonna be getting up all hours of the night, you gotta feed...and it's really frustrating and giving you a headache and you're like, 'I want this to be over,' and then it's gonna be over. So just really enjoy it."


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