Liam Neeson has every reason to be taken with UNICEF's efforts to stop violence against children around the world.

The Oscar-nominated actor, who has been working with the organization since 1997 and became a Goodwill Ambassador in 2011, has once again joined forces with them to bring attention to the shocking number of atrocities involving young people that occur every year, from the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School to recent gang rapes in India to everyday bullying and abuse that never gets reported.

In a brand-new PSA exclusively obtained by E! News that will go wide on Wednesday, Neeson describes some of the horrors—and asks for your help.

"Just because you can't see violence against children, doesn't mean it isn't there," Neeson says. "Make the invisible visible. Help us make violence against children disappear."

The PSA then encourages people to go to and use the hashtag #endviolence to support the cause.

No need to wait until tomorrow.

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