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Dexter fans who are beginning the early stages of mourning as the series comes to an end should be happy to know that the spinoff dream is still alive.

Buzz surrounding the spinoff starring Jennifer Carpenter began this past April when Showtime president David Nevins addressed the rumors by saying he wouldn't "rule it out." And during the executive session at the Showtime TCA panel today, Nevins gave a more concrete, but still coy, answer to the spinoff question.

"We announced a deal with [Dexter executive producer] Scott Buck today," he said nonchalantly. "Draw your own conclusions."

Don't need to tell us twice. In regard to the mothership series which is ending soon, Nevins promised "major story turns every week" leading up to what will surely be an explosive finale.

Once again, reporters voiced their concerns about Homeland's new season and the fact that (spoiler alert!) Brody (Damian Lewis) has yet to show up after two episodes. Nevins isn't sweating it; in fact, he welcomes the change.

"You can't keep it the same dynamic and you have to be willing to shake it up," Nevins said. "I've never been scared of change. Season one and two were really founded in the fulcrum of trust and mistrust, and that still exits in season three, but the characters are extremely estranged. There's all sort of poles that this show exists on. You want Carrie (Claire Danes) to be this strong, competent action heroine, but you also want to deal with her vulnerabilities. You have to go back and forth. I want our producers to take risks."

For more news from the Showtime exec session, including Josh Harnett's new series, read on:

Borgias Canned: While reporters were at lunch at the Beverly Hilton, a plane circled overhead with a banner begging Nevins to "Save The Borgias," which was canceled earlier this year. When asked about the dedication and drastic action of the fans, the Showtime boss actually actually felt a little let down.

"We looked hard at doing a two-hour finale and the economics of it just didn't make sense. I think it came to a good stopping place and then we all got buzzed at lunch with the airplane I feel bad the money that's being spent!" he said. "As I was pulling in today, there was one protester and I asked him what he thought of the finale and he said, 'I haven't seen it!' He was a paid protester. I was a little disappointed."

Upcoming Projects: Josh Hartnett and Eva Green (Casino Royale) have joined the new Showtime psychological thriller Penny Dreadful, which will begin filming this fall and already has a series commitment from Showtime. Hartnett will play "a charming American who finds himself trapped in the darkest corners of Victorian London," while Green is Vanessa, "a seductive and formidable beauty full of secrets and danger." Nevins promised reporters that the show will "scare the s--t" out of viewers.

The network also announced a pilot order for the Philip Seymour Hoffman-led comedy Trending Down.

2014 Premiere Schedule: House of Lies, Shameless and Episodes will premiere their new seasons on Sunday, Jan. 12. Californication will join Nurse Jackie on the schedule in the Spring.

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