Hollywood Hillbillies


Remember the oh-so-angry redheaded kid flipped out over a South Park episode and furiously told the world that "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS?"

Of course you do. Well the Angry Ginger Kid, otherwise known as Michael Kittrell, is turning his viral YouTube success into a reality TV career. Yep, the enraged redhead and his grandma Delores Hughes, better known as "Mema" will star in Hollywood Hillbillies. The show, which is set to premiere in January 2014 on ReelzChannel, will follow the twosome and a few Southern relatives as they make the move from Georgia to California. (Don't worry, Honey Boo Boo! You will always be the most beautimous.)

You need look no further than Justin Bieber (or kidrauhl, if we're getting technical), to see how someone can go form YouTube star to bona fide superstar. Michael is an amusing YouTuber, definitely, but he's not the only one that comes to mind when we think of when it comes to crossing over.

Here are five more YouTube stars we think should have their own TV shows. (Oh, and fair warning: Almost all of these clips have some NSFW language.)

1. Jenna Marbles: Girl crush alert! Jenna Marbles shares weekly snippets of her majestic life every Wednesday. Whether she's perfecting the art of drunk makeup application, demonstrating how to keep creepers away, or producing mini-musicals featuring her amazing dogs Kermit and Marble, she is always entertaining. We'd also like to give an honorable mention to Jenna's ex-boyfriend MaxNoSleeves, who posts new videos every Tuesday. If and when these two get back together, they will official be crowned YouTube's royal couple.

2. lohanthony: If Miley Cyrus is the queen of twerk, lohanthony is the king—or, as he's been called before "the twerking Jesus." When he's not booty-popping, teaching his mom to twerk or hilariously ranting about life in general, he's sharing all the ways for even the basic bitches to be more fabulous. He claims to be the son of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

3. Keenan Cahill: He rose to Internet fame when Katy Perry herself fell in love with his "Teenage Dream" lip synch. Now Keenan, otherwise known as BeenerKeeKee19952, counts K.P., Khloé Kardashian Odom, Nick Cannon, Snooki and over 500,000 subscribers as fans. Be sure to check out his most recent cover of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."  

4. KevJumba: This is a young man of many talents. KevJumba, known as Kevin Wu outside of the YouTube world, sings about the burdens of "Nice Guys," recreates Tom Cruise's famed Risky Business scene in his underwear, and writes and performs hilarious sketches about every topic you can imagine. His nearly 3 million subscribers couldn't get enough, and KevJumba wanted to give back—so he started a second channel, Jumbafund, and gives those advertising proceeds to charity.

5. Trica Paytas: Think single Snooki but blonde and with more energy, and that is Tricia Paytas. Homegirl (aka  blndsundoll4mj)  knows how to stir the pot and plays up her unpopular opinions and overall ditziness. She recently posted a clip of herself "Singing to my boyfriend." Seems normal, right? Well, that her boyfriend is actually a stuffed rat named Ben (just like the movie, sorta!). She also weighs in on "Anthony Weiner's weiner," gives shout-outs to the "chubby chasers" and might legitimately be the world's fastest talker.

Which YouTube personality do you want to see get their own show?

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