Ice-T, Shirtless, Twit Pic


Move over, Geraldo Rivera, for the newest shirtless selfie king.

Ice-T may not be on the Harlem Shake hype, but he seems to be down with the mirror pic trend.

"This morning: MFs popin shit... 55yrs old. ‘Don't sleep on the old cats,'" he captioned this blurry photo posted on his Twitter account this morning.

Unlike Geraldo, Ice-T rocked black pants, tennis shoes, and even a hat to match (way more than just a towel!).

The Law & Order: SVU actor isn't the only one who's down with the semi-nude selfies. After Geraldo's reveal, Glenn Beck also jumped onboard and posted his own pic, seemingly mocking Geraldo's "70 is the new 50" claim.



And while Ice-T is posting pics for the world to see, he's still going strong with his wife Coco.

Geraldo's wife Erica Levy was quite amused by her husband's scantily clad snapshot, so we wonder what Coco will have to say?

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