Kat Dennings, Beth Behr

Francis Specker/CBS

We get what Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs were trying to do.

The two CBS stars wear matching waitress uniforms on their hit TV show, so they went for coordinated cocktail dresses for a recent red carpet event. See how Kat has on red shoes and a black dress while Beth is wearing black shoes with her red dress? Unfortunately, those simple uniforms are way more dynamic than these flat frocks...

These are two of the hottest stars of the silver screen plus they're both comedy girls. We realize the Day One star is rocking a pretty revealing top, and the Monsters U voicer does look racy in red. But that's literally all we have to say about these looks!

There's no patterns, no embellishments, and not even a side slit or cut out to comment on. And to make matters even more snooze-worthy, both Kat and Beth are wearing red lipstick and their hair down!

Perhaps they were just trying to get out of this appearance unscathed. In that case, sorry girls...

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