Battle of the Boobs: Paula Patton vs. Tyra Banks in Rack Revealing Looks

Whose cleavage coverage (or lack thereof?) takes the cake in your book?

By Jessie Rosen Jul 30, 2013 6:11 PMTags
Paula Patton, Tyra BanksGregg DeGuire/WireImage, Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

We're usually immune to a little cleavage on the red carpet, but both Tyra Banks and Paula Patton's ta-ta revealing tops made us do a double D double take!

Not only are the Top Model topper and 2 Guns Star both wearing rack revealing looks, but they're both black and white styles featuring lace detailing. It's almost too good of a battle to be true!

The queen bee of the cat walk isn't exactly someone you want to face in a fashion competition of any kind, especially one where boobs are involved. This time, though, Tyra may have brought too much drama to the look. Something about the contrasting lace against that wild, curly hair makes her look like Frankstein's bride gone wild!

That said, the Jumping the Broom star is committing the one cardinal sin of sexy style: boobs or legs, not both. Her Basil Soda ballgown showcases a bit too much of both, making Tyra the winner in our book, even if it is by default.

What's your take?


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