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Some shows thrive on their love triangles, and the stars eat up the material with a giant spoon. The Good Wife's Julianna Margulies, however, was worried she was headed for a serious love triangle situation in the season-four finale, and was happily relieved to find out it wasn't Will (Josh Charles) behind the door, but Cary (Matt Czuchry) with his offer to join his firm. An offer that Alicia accepted.

"I would not have been happy if it was Will," Margulies admitted. "They didn't tell me how it was going to end and when I was reading the script I thought, 'Oh god, I hope we're not becoming that soap opera, that constant love triangle.' It's just going to get old too fast and it's just going to undermine these characters. So the ending, when I read it the first time I remember calling them and being like 'Oh my god, you're brilliant! Thank you!'"


John Paul Filo/CBS

So what was the driving force behind her decision to go with Cary? Margulies had some thoughts on that.

"I think she's leaving the law firm because she knows that in her peripheral vision will always be Will," she said. "She can't move forward…if her and Will are working together. And in her heart of hearts she knows that's the right move."

Season five will not only be about what creators Marlene and Robert King call a "civil war" of the firms, but also about guest stars. The Kings announced that Melissa George, Carrie Preston, Gary Cole, America Ferrera, Ben Rappaport and Jeffrey Tambor will all be appearing in the new season.

For more season five scoop, check out other highlights from The Good Wife TCA panel:

Dueling Firms: Though Alicia starts out the season still at Lockhart & Gardner and not yet at Cary's new firm, the producers promise the "s--t storm" is coming. "The stories this season are very explosive," King says. "It's more about our team. It's basically a year about civil war." They even go as far as to call the people leaving Lockhart & Gardner "rebel attorneys".

Alicia as a Governor's Wife: "It really challenges her moral compass as someone who always wants to do good, but it is incredibly provocative to be in a powerful situation," Margulies said. Meanwhile, the creators revealed that Peter (Chris Noth) will be "tempted" this year by the stunning women around him.

A Foxy Return: Marlene King "would love" to have Michael J. Fox back on the show. "We adore the character and we adore the actor; of course, he has his own series, so it's a question of timing and availability," she said.

Kalinda's Ex-Hubby: Most fans would agree that the storyline revolving around Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and her ex-husband Nick (Marc Warren) didn't work, and even the King's agree that it was a "mistake" of last season. "I took it as a personal failing. I look back and say that I went after theme not character. You have to always follow the characters. At the time it felt right," he said.

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