Heidi Klum, Instagram


Whoa, talk about getting an early start!

It's well known that Heidi Klum takes Halloween very seriously. But who knew the supermodel started working on her costume three months before the actual holiday?

Apparently that's the case this year. Today the 40-year-old shared a picture of her entire head (and most of her shoulders) covered in gray goop! She captioned the Instagram image: "Started working on my Halloween costume!"

The model was completely unrecognizable under a thick layer of molding clay. In fact, the only area left open were her nostrils—so the blond bombshell could breath, obviously.

The wet substance is most likely being used to form a bust of the America's Got Talent judge's famous head. But the real question is: what is that bust going to be a part of?

Considering the extremes she's gone to transform into an ape, a dead human body, and most recently Cleopatra, we can't wait to see what she's planning for this October.

What do you think Heidi will be this year?

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