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Michael J. Fox is mixing his new TV family with his real one!

The beloved star revealed that his real-life wife and former Family Ties co-star Tracey Pollan will guest star on his new NBC sitcom The Michael J. Fox Show during the network's presentation at the 2013 Summer Press Tour on Saturday. "Tracy actually did an episode of the show and she was great and it was really funny," Fox said of his wife's appearance, adding that she will share "a lot of scenes" with his co-star Wendell Pierce.

And Pollan's not the only familiar face that will be showing up the highly anticipated new series when it debuts in September....

"As characters come up, we'll certainly mine old friendships and working partners and get them involved," Fox said of possibly having his former Family Ties or Spin City co-stars come on the show for a guest appearance. "It'd be great." Executive producer Sam Laybourne teased that they are currently working on casting Fox's parents.

Laybourne also revealed that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will also make a guest appearance on the series, which stars Fox as a former news anchor who gets back in the business after taking time off to spend with his family.

"Without giving away too much is that, basically, Mike had been kept up for a couple days and this big interview with Christie comes up and about three seconds into it he nods off," Laybourne previewed. "We have some fun people coming into this news world to make it feel real but a lot of it is also trying to establish our people and our world before too many stunt opportunities come up again." 

Anne Heche will also be joining the The Michael J. Fox Show as as recurring character who is Michael's old nemesis, a fellow anchor who used him 20 years ago in the Everglades to get ahead in the industry. 

Of course, Fox was asked about returning to movies, specfically Back to the Future 4, given that 2015, the year in which Back to the Future II is set, isn't too far off. "I'd have to play Doc Brown!" Fox joked. 

He was also asked if he's seen MTV's hit series Teen Wolf, which is a very loose reinterpretation of his cult-classic '80s flick of the same name. "I haven't seen it," Fox admitted. "I hear it's really serious and scary."

The Michael J. Fox Show debuts Sept. 26 on NBC.

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