There's only so much the Smurfs could say about their next foray onto the big screen.

Namely, nothing.

"Just so you know, they're not being mean to us. They don't speak, right Terrence?" Giuliana Rancic confirmed with cohost Terrence Jenkins during a visit Friday from Papa Smurf, Smurfette and "Plain Smurf " to E! News.

"So we're going to attempt to do this amazing interview without anyone talking to us."

And that's exactly how it went down, though the big plush Smurfs were so cute, they were pretty charming anyway.

"Smurfette, we're going to start with you, what's up girl?" Giuliana asked. "Now, so you are voiced by Katy Perry in the movie? Was she fun to work with?"

At first Smurfette started to give the not-so-much sign, but she ultimately gave the pop star two thumbs up.

"Plain Smurf, do you have any other nicknames that you go by? Maybe Lil' Plain? Big Smurf, anything?" Terrence asked the more nondescript member of the trio.

"Wishy-Washy Smurf?" offered Giuliana. "What can we call him? Quiet Smurf?"

"Uh, Big Blue!" Terrence came up with.

"All right, how about Silent Smurf for now?...He does not like that, all right," Giuliana said, changing her mind when the Smurf Formerly Known as Plain mimed to cut it out.

The Smurfs 2 is in theaters July 31, featuring the vocal stylings of Perry, Christina Ricci, George Lopez, Anton Yelchin, John Oliver, the late Jonathan Winters and more. Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria and Jayma Mays play humans, and the movie features the Britiney Spears tune "Ooh La La."

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