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The royal baby has arrived and the world is a completely different place! Not really, minus this amazingly adorable GIF of Prince George waving hello to the world...

Duchess Catherine, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Royal Baby GIF

...Everything is pretty much the same.

Justin Bieber still can't stop taking selfies (seriously, should someone ask a doctor if taking that many selfies is healthy?!). Jennifer Lawrence is still amazing (both in real life and in The Hunger Games sequel). And we still love everything pop culture.

So we've rounded up our 10 favorite things in pop culture this week—and it's a sexy edition! With strippers and drunken hookups galore—for this installment of The E! List.

Below, we've provided a little sampling of the best of the best. The rest is in the gallery. 

1. Gone Girl Fan Casting: We knew that Ben Affleck had likely landed the lead in the highly anticipated Gone Girl adaptation, but this week word surfaced that Rosamund Pike would star opposite him. Some fans of the book liked the casting, others very vocally expressed their, shall we say, concern? Now, we want to hear who you imagined playing Nick and Amy. Was it Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt? Or Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams? Someone else entirely?

6. This Week In News Reporter Fails: WJRT-TV's Siobhan Riley may have suffered a bit of a Freudian slip this week while reporting on a construction zone affecting traffic in Michigan. In short, she accidentally drew a penis, live on-air.

We're intrigued to see what she'd draw while reporting the weather.

10. Rewatching the Catching Fire Trailer:

Seriously, we can't stop watching. FINNICK!

But now get to clicking through the gallery, see what other goodness awaits on The E! List.

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