Rachel Bilson loves Kelly Taylor, but somehow she ended up a Donna Martin girl.

Swinging by Thursday night's Chelsea Lately to promote her new 1990s-set comedy, The To Do List, the 31-year-old actress dished about wearing wardrobe inspired by one of that decade's biggest TV shows, Beverly Hills: 90210 but, alas, not her favorite character on the teen soap.

"It was fun. We got to wear all the clothes from the '90s and the set dressing and all that. I guess I'm a clothes whore from the original 90210 costume closet," Bilson told Chelsea Handler.

" Really?  Whose clothes were you wearing? Tori [Spelling's]?" asked the funnylady.

"Probably Donna Martin's," Bilson replied, referring to Spelling's character. "I don't know how I feel about it because I was definitely a Kelly girl. But I had Donna Martin on. That sounds really weird. But I did."

By Kelly, of course, she means Kelly Taylor, the posh and sometime-spoiled teen played by Jennie Garth, who was one of the more complicated characters on the iconic series.

The To Do List, which hits theaters today, takes place in 1993 and finds Bilson opposite Parks and Recreations star Aubrey Plaza, the latter of whom plays an awkward overachieving high school youth trying to lose her virginity before she heads to college.

Speaking of youth, after Handler quipped that she looks like she's 12, The O.C.'s erstwhile Summer Roberts spilled on how people sometimes mistake her for being underage—even though she's 31!

"At the airport once someone asked me where my parents were like I was an unaccompanied minor, and this happened literally last year…I'm almost baby size!" she remarked.

Rachel Bilson

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"If you were fat, I would keep you!" joked Chelsea.

Bilson also dished on how her Hollywood residence ended up being one of the celebrity homes targeted by the notorious Bling Ring, whose antics were portrayed in the recent film The Bling Ring.

And surprisingly what irked Rachel the most wasn't so much having her stuff rummaged through and stolen, but having one of the real-life thieves use her toilet.

"I learned from a Vanity Fair article they went around five times and one of the girls pooped in my house!" she exclaimed. "OK, not even talking about the Chanel bags and things that were stolen, I'm like, 'This girl pooped in my house!"

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