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We can pretend forever that you're using the Internet to "social network" or "read the news" or "look at porn," but we all know what we're really using the World Wide Web for: Watching adorable videos of animals.

It's almost time to TGIF, but first, why not take a few minutes to catch up on this week's best animal-centric viral videos? Starting out with this, the crown jewel of animal Vines.

1. Introducing...Belle! The most glamorous puppy on the net:

2. Welcome to Cat Talk: "Mama cat, Tiger, has always loved to talk to her kittens since day one," the video description reads. "However, it was not until they were around 2 weeks old...that the kittens could carry on any meaningful conversations."

3. A Chihuahua Riding a Tortoise: What else do you need to know?

4. Porcupine Talks With His Mouth Full: This is Kemosabe, a porcupine who lives at Animal Wonders shelter in Montana. Here, he is eating a banana. And also making a ton of noise (do you know what a porcupine sounds like? You will!). Bonus: Porcupine facts at the end.

5. Cattack! Ohagi is a kitten who hates the news. But censorship has never looked as cute as this, as Ohagi repeatedly attacks a newspaper as her owner tries to read it.

6. Jiff the Pomeranian: Jiff certainly isn't the first dog to ride a skateboard—he probably won't be the last, either—but it's still cute. And even though that's the "big trick" of the clip, the even cuter moment happens earlier, when Jiff moonwalks. Have you ever seen a dog moonwalk? You have now.

7. Jiff Gets One-Upped: Sorry, Jiff, but Jasmine has a whole arsenal of tricks. 45, to be exact.

Now, share your favorite adorable animal videos in the comments!

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