Editor Obsessions, Collage

As we soak up yet another fabulous week of summer living, we're continuing to round up even more chic items on a daily basis that we simply can't stop buzzing about.

This week, we're craving cute items that turn heads and inspire new conversations at every social function this summer.

From cocktail parties to beachside barbeques, our downtime is often spent amongst friends and there's nothing more gratifying than sharing a fabulous new fashion or beauty discovery with an attentive audience, right?

Editor Obsessions, Pursecase

One item that's garnered a lot of attention is the Pursecase, a handy little rubberized phone cover that's modeled after a classic designer bag.

Not only is it totally adorable, but it is a little multifunctional lifesaver!

The tiny strap smartly slips over your wrist for a hands-free experience when you're mingling, getting a beverage refill, dancing the night away or posing for photos. Best of all, there's even a sleek little compartment to hold your driver's license, credit card, cash and more!


Editor Obsessions, Towels

We've also sourced some seriously gorgeous beach towels from Theodora & Callum, decked out in designer-worthy prints and patterns. Laying out on the sand never looked so stylish!

And speaking of designers, Charlotte Olympia has created a horoscope-themed set of embellished accessories that we're genuinely coveting right now. Rich and luxurious, the bejeweled clutch and matching loafers for the Leo zodiac sign make for perfect transitional pieces when we're gearing up for fall.

Additionally, we're absolutely obsessing over a kitschy cat eye mask from one of our favorite Brooklyn boutiques that's a must-have for any feline fan out there!


Editor Obsessions, Icebox Makeup Organizer

And finally, last but not least, for the beauty junkies who can't seem to ever to store their products in a pretty way (you know who you are!), we've found the grandest organizer out there!

SherrieBlossom ICEbOX is a beautiful solution to keeping your lip glosses, foundations, eye liners and more perfectly in place without creating an eye sore on the bathroom counter. 

We're adding it to our wish list right away!

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