New Girl


Seriously Schmidt, did you really think that you could just sprint away from all your problems? Not so fast!

Things are about to get even more awkward in the New Girl loft because Schmidt's (Max Greenfield) love triangle is still going strong when season three premieres. Merritt Wever, who plays Schmidt's outrageously awesome college girlfriend and latest fling, is set to return to the quirky Fox comedy this fall, E! News has confirmed.

The Emmy-nominated Nurse Jackie actress will be back for at least two episodes, including the season three premiere, which will debut Sept. 17.

Back in May New Girl executive producer Brett Baer told us they were keeping their fingers crossed for Wever's return in season three. "The fact is we think she's terrific and she's been an amazing addition to the show. We love her and I think audiences are enjoying what she's doing on the show. She's such a great addition and in any world where we can make that happen, that's what we want," he said.

Now that we know that Elizabeth is sticking around, the big question is: What happens next? When we last saw our frequent douchebag jar donator in the season finale, Cece (Hannah Simone) had just called off her wedding so she and Elizabeth teamed up and presented Schmidt with an ultimatum: Choose one girl, or lose both.

And Schmidt being Schmidt, he decided to just run away.

Baer says he's excited for fans to watch Schmidt struggle with this difficult decision. He explained, "There's nothing funnier than watching Max Greenfield scramble out of a corner like he's trapped like an animal. So we knew getting him into a situation where he was going to be up against it and having this incredibly tough choice to make."

The executive producer continued, saying, "What we loved about Merritt joining the show was she was bringing out this new color in his character and spinning him in a way that I think audiences are really responding to, and it seemed interesting to put the Cece relationship on his back and say, ‘OK, you have two very legitimate choices here, two people you care a lot about, now what do you do?' And have this guy stand up at some point in the third season and make a decision or try and figure out how to rectify this." Good luck, Schmidt! It sounds like you're going to need it…

Don't miss the season three premiere of New Girl Tuesday, Sept. 17 on Fox!

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