Warning: the story Jayma Mays is about to tell is incredibly gross.

The Glee star stopped by The Tonight Show last night after battling what she thought was a serious ear infection. It turns out, what was actually causing the pain in her ear was far more disgusting than a mere infection (put down any food you may be eating before you read on).

"This was really serious. I didn't know if I could come tonight it was so serious," Mays dished to Jay Leno and fellow guest Ashton Kutcher.

"So like a week ago, I started getting this really bad ear infection—I thought ear infection," she explained. "A couple days into this infection—I thought—I woke up in the middle of the night like screaming in pain. Like horrible, horrible pain. And blood started coming out of my ear."

Mays says she took an aspirin and put a heating pad on it before going to the doctor the next day. She then revealed, "The nurse puts my head to the side and does the little drops in my ear. When she put the drops in my ear, it started to drown the insect that was living in there. So it climbed out of my ear."

"No!" a grossed-out Kutcher yelled while squeamishly moving around in his chair.

"The blood was from it biting and scratching," Mays continued. "It's because my ears were too clean. Apparently, you're not supposed to clean your ears, because the wax prevents bugs from living inside. I'm too clean."

Lesson learned, Jayma!

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