David Beckham, COTY Campaign

Put the AC on blast because it's about to get hot in here!

Former soccer stud David Beckham has decided to once again prove that he is one handsome fella—as if anyone wasn't already aware—by flaunting his washboard abs and sexy features in the new ad for his fragrance Classic.

The commercial, which has a secret agent-type of vibe to it, has Beckham standing in a dark dressing room—shot on location at Spencer Hart on Brook Street, London—stripping down from his casual streetwear, taking a good look at his shirtless bod (this is where you pause and take it all in) and then changing into a finely tailored suit.

And during all of this, Becks gives a facial expression that's a mix of mysterious and Blue Steel from Zoolander (but way hotter).

"Can I be of further assistance, sir?" the tailor asks, and the Hollywood hunk responds, "I have all I need," as he grabs the bottle of Classic and gives himself a couple of sprays.

If that wasn't enough Beckham for you, don't worry, there will be more of him to come.

Victoria Beckham's hubby is set to star in a new kids' TV show in the U.K., aimed at getting British youngsters into sports (he'll probably be clothed for this, though. Probably).

The program—titled Game Changers—will air Saturday mornings at 9 a.m on Sky Sports.

Additionally, the celeb recently released his new ad campaign for the channel, which surprised viewers with a handful of Beckhams to swoon over (yep, you gotta see it!).

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