Prince George, Seinfeld, George Costanza

Sony Pictures Television, AP Photo/John Stillwell

The royal baby has a name! And it is not His Royal Highness Prince Royal Baby of Cambridge, which would have been a suitable name nonetheless (no matter how old that baby gets, he'll always be Royal Baby in our heart).

George Alexander Louis, or Prince George of Cambridge. And then Kate Middlton and Prince William can pick either Wales, Cambridge or Mountbatten-Windsor as his last name. Their call.

Many have asked, Why George?

1. Because "With George we have a traditional, classic name with historical connotations," one royal biographer explains. "It means that maybe one day in the dim and distant future this child would become George VII." 

2. Because Prince Charles loooooooves King George III, who ruled England from 1760 to 1820. (He thought, "He was a really good man. He thought that he was a really good king.")

3. Because if you name him Charles, he could just get his head cut off.

But the better question is, Why George Alexander Louis?

1. Because the Royals effing love Seinfeld.



As multiple astute tweeters have pointed out, "GEORGE Costanza Jason ALEXANDER Julia LOUIS-Dreyfuss. Looks like the Duke & Duchess are big Seinfeld fans. #RoyalBaby"

No love for Jerry Seinfeld himself, it seems. Unless Gerry is an English nickname for George (It's not. But "Prince Gerry" does sound super adorable.)

So there you have it. The royal baby is named after Seinfeld. What further proof do you need? Prince William holding another press conference on the steps of the palace? He would, but TBS is rerunning the "Soup Nazi" episode. So, he's kind of busy.

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