Nick Offerman, Axe Cop

Friends Night/ADHD Studios

He's a cop with an axe.

Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman will make his highly anticipated debut as Axe Cop, you know, said cop with an axe, this Saturday night when Fox's Animation Domination Hi-Def premieres, and judging from this exclusive preview we got our hands on, it seems like a role he was born to play. (Apologies to Ron Swanson!)

Seriously, Offerman says "I'll chop their heads off!" with a little too much enthusiasm and passion, no? Hey, can you really blame him when he's channeling Clint Eastwood's gruff voice?! Watch our sneak peek at the new animated series to see why its creator knows Offerman would be the perfect Axe Cop...

"Several friends of mine brought me copies of Axe Cop and said, 'You should play Axe Cop!'" Offerman explains of how he came to voice the character. "I devoured it and it was amazing and I said, 'Well, Axe Cop is actually in a lot better shape than I am, but maybe if they do it animated someday.'"

Cut to three years later and Offerman is standing in a recording studio, Starbucks cup in hand, reminiscing about the first time he chopped a zombie's head off.

Axe Cop co-creator Ethan Nicolle gushes, "[Nick] is Axe Cop. He really is. Like, you look at the moustache, the voice and just the attitude; Nick Offerman is just perfect."

Fox's Animation Domination Hi-Def premieres this Saturday, July 27, at 11 p.m.

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