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These guys know how to laugh at themselves.

Singers Ginuwine, Tank and Tyrese have joined forces to create the R&B trio TGT, and although they each have something great to bring to the table, their performance on WLNY's The Couch was, um, a little awkward.

While performing their track "I Need," it seemed as though Ginuwine was just out of it, and people noticed, which caused the three fellas to explain what happened (and crack some jokes).

During an interview with World Star Hip Hop, Ginuwine addressed his excessive blinking by saying, "Aye, man. It was six o'clock in the morning and I popped something but it wasn't no damn molly [a term used for ecstasy]! I popped a damn 5-hour Energy drink and I didn't think it would do that to me."

Although Tyrese admitted he was actually mad after the performance, the trio all laughed at the entire situation and took the jokes to Twitter.

"Obviously I need eye drops lololol," Ginuwine wrote. "Ohhhh wweeee lololol...I need to take two more since I'm poppn now lololololololol what insanity...I'm going to always perform in the morning so I can blink blink blink blink blink...Sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself own it just to let yah know tho thts never been in my life so form what ever opinion u hav GROWN."

Tank said, "I think we should rehearse fellas!.. @ lip balm and @ less oooweee!!.. Lmao!...@Tyrese u r a horrible wing man!! U lead only singing muthufu...lol. Where were my backgrounds ni--a?! @ dam homie!..@ @ I'm sick of this shit! I need Keith Washington and Christopher Williams to replace these ni--as!!"

Of course Tyrese had to get in on it, too, and tweeted, "Fellas ya'll gotta get it together.... My performance was great... Please guys... Lol @TheRealTank @ lets get u some eye drops!"

Long story short: Ginuwine needs eye drops, STAT.

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