Mod Carousel, Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines Video

If there was at least one too many naked ladies in Robin Thicke's NSFW "Blurred Lines" video for your liking—and a few too few naked men too—then this one's for you. 

Seattle "boylesque" troupe Mod Carousel created a gender-swap parody of the music video, the original, unedited version of which contained naked women bopping around fully clothed men.

"It's our opinion that most attempts to show female objectification in the media by swapping the genders serve more to ridicule the male body than to highlight the extent to which women get objectified and does everyone a disservice," Mod Carousel explains.

"We made this video," which features fully clothed women (Caela Bailey stands in for Thicke) and men in thongs and high heels, "[to] present both women and men in a positive light, one where objectifying men is more than alright and where women can be strong and sexy without negative repercussions."

For comparison, the original, unedited, definitely-not-safe-for-work-unless-you-work-in-a-strip-club version:

Thicke was recently grilled about the controversy surrounding the song's lyrics (some of which have been labeled "explicitly sexually violent" and said to perpetuate "rape myths"), claims he called "ridiculous." 

"I don't want to be sleazy, I'm a gentleman, I've been in love with the same woman since I've been a teenager," he told BBC's Radio 1, referring to his wife Paula Patton. "I don't want to do anything inappropriate." 

As for the video, he explained, "My initial response was, ‘I love the clothed version. I don't think we should put out the naked version.' And then I showed it to my wife and all of her girlfriends and they said 'You have to put this out, this is so sexy and so cool.'" 

Elsewhere on the Internet, Barack Dubs, the meticulous minds behind the pieced-together clips of President Barack Barack Obama "singing" popular songs, has branched out with the premiere of their newest video, Bill Clinton's cover of "Blurred Lines," naturally:

If only he had this jam back in the summer of '96.

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