Kirk Cameron


Kirk Cameron is certainly no stranger to making the news.

And the outspoken actor did just that again on Monday after he successfully managed to get both YouTube and Facebook to lift a ban on the trailer for his new evangelical-themed documentary, Unstoppable.

As a result, we figured this would be a good a time as any to recall some of the former Growing Pains star's biggest attention-grabbing moments.

Kirk Cameron

Rex Features via AP Images

May 2011: After prominent scientist Stephen Hawking gave an interview in which he declared that in his wholly scientific view Heaven doesn't exist, Cameron tells E! News, "Why should anyone believe Mr. Hawking's writings if he cannot provide evidence for his unscientific beliefs that out of nothing, everything came?"

March 2, 2012: In a sit-down interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, Cameron blasts gay marriage and homosexuality, calling it "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

March 5, 2012: Cameron's former TV sister, Tracey Gold, speaks out in the wake of the self-described born-again Christian's comments to Morgan, taking to Twitter and writing, "I am a strong supporter of the #LGBT Community, and I believe in equal rights for all." Alan Thicke, Craig Ferguson, Debra Messing and more slam Cameron's gay hate speech.

Kirk Cameron

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March 6, 2012: Cameron goes on Facebook to defend himself against his critics, writing, "In some people's eyes, my responses were not sufficiently 'loving' toward those in the gay community. I can only say that it is my life's mission to love all people."

July 2012: The National Organization for Marriage releases a video labeling Cameron "one of America's most important champions of marriage." In the video, Cameron himself says, "If we want a great future in this world, we have to take God at his word. And God makes it really clear that society and civilization is really held together by the glue of families...When a man and a woman come together and say 'I do,' they are committing for a lifetime to love each other and to model what love is and what forgiveness is and what joy is to their kids."

Aug. 21, 2012: Cameron rushes to the defense of Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin for using the phrase "legitimate rape" in an interview about his anti-abortion stance. "[Akin] clearly is a pro-life advocate, and for that I respect him," Cameron tells CNN. "I'm the kind of person that would like to be evaluated by my entire career and my entire life, not two words that I would misspeak and later apologize for. He's in a tough spot."

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