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Scribble this on a bathroom wall: For a good time, call the Veronica Mars cast!

Kristen Bell, creator Rob Thomas and the rest of the VM cast (Jason Dohring, Chris Lowell, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III and Francis Capra) met with a few hundred diehard fans and Kickstarter backers and the result was: pure magic.

As the night's moderator (and long-time "Watch Veronica Mars" broken record), I had the rare opportunity to ask all the questions I had been dying to for years, and naturally, that led to a hilariously inappropriate round of the "I've Never" or "Never Have I Ever" with the entire cast. (A game in which you take a sip everytime something is said that you have done, which seemed appropriate at the time because we hardly got to see what this group was like in fake TV college!)

Best. Ten. Minutes. Ever.

(OK, so, having two babies was cool, too, but still, this night was nothing short of epic for anyone who loves Veronica Mars.)

What we learned:

At least half the cast kissed someone off camera while on the TV show set.

Kristen Bell chugged an entire water bottle when asked if she had taken anything from set when the show ended.

Pretty much everyone cried when the show was canceled, and when the Netflix campaign for the movie reached its goal. Francis and Enrico chugged the most. 

And the biggest chug of the night? Kristen Bell when asked if she contributed my own money to Kickstarter. "I would have contributed my own," Rob said, "but they lock out the organizer!"

ROYAL BABY BIRTH TV  births we loved

Kristen Bell once played a prank on Teddy Dunn (Duncan) in which she asked Rob Thomas to write "new pages" in the script where Duncan had to "fully make out" with Logan (Jason Dohring). "To his credit, his initial reaction was that he was terribly upset and went pacing around," Thomas recalled."He had that bit of peak and was not excited about it and then he calmed down and said, I am an actor, and this is what I will do." "But it was anticlimactic!" Kristen lamented. "because he came to set and said, ‘So we're going to shoot that scene today, see you at lunch..'" "Teddy was awesome," Francis added. "Teddy is awesome. That is not past tense. He is still awesome."

Rob Thomas would kill for the chance to bring the show back on Netflix, after the movie. The fans in the audience were, um…supportive. I might not ever get my hearing back from that one. Kristen wants a movie franchise "Just like Fast and The Furious."

Rob revealed that Veronica's two love interests in the movie are indeed Logan and Piz, however, "Don't forget Max Greenfield is in the movie, too!"

Chris Lowell had a lot of self-deprecating hilarity as the crowd was clearly pro-Logan and Veronica, but ultimately won the night after Enrico (Veronica's dad Keith) and Kristen both admitted they thought Piz was far better suited for Veronica. "If she were a friend I would say, get gone with that Logankid!" Kristen said.

HIMYM star breaks foot via Pius

Rob also admitted that when the TV show began, there were no plans to do anything romantically with Logan and Veronica. "Jason was supposed to be a psychotic jackass," he told the crowd. And Kristen quipped, "I did not see it coming. When I watch the show I see it as well. We're on fire!"

 Ryan Devlin (Mercer the rapist from the show's final season) showed up not only to make Chris Lowell feel better (the fans cheered loudly for Piz when asked if Piz or Mercer were a better romantic match for Veronica, LOL), but to also present Kristen Bell with a gift from Samsung, the sponsor of the night: The corporation helped save 33 lives for Kristen's 33 birthday by purchasing 5,000 granola bars called "This Bar Saves Lives," a company Ryan started and Kristen supports.

The night was very moving, and there were tears, from Kristen and the rest of the cast, as they talked about what all the overwhelming fan love has meant to them, and of course the chance to finally reunite and make some movie magic.

"Just thank you thank you thank you," a legit teary-eyed Kristen said at the end of the night. "Thank you for letting us do this again. We're so genuinely thankful."

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