The answer is, "Yes!"

The question is, "Are you engaged?"

It is officially official: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are to be married, on a date to be determined.

As expected, J.Lo blows the whistle on her romantic status in an interview with Diane Sawyer which is set to air Wednesday on ABC's Primetime: Special Edition.

"[H]e is my partner, he is my best friend...and we talk about everything and we support each other to the end," Lopez says in the interview.

ABC News released Lopez's incriminating quotes on Sunday. Calls to the couple's respective publicists seeking further comment were not returned Monday.

In the sit-down with Sawyer, Lopez dishes on the how, the when and the where of Affleck's proposal. (Affleck's leading lady began accessorizing with a hard-to-miss pink diamond ring in early October.)

ABC is sitting on most of the intimate details (gotta give the people a reason to tune in, after all), but it did allow the world a sneak peek on this one: The proposal, Lopez tells Sawyer, was "traditional, but also in a very spectacular way, as of course Ben would do it."

Of course.

We also know that Lopez uses her Primetime time to help shed light on a most baffling mystery: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck...Why?! How?!

"[We've] talked about how people kind of see him type of person and me with another type of person, and the two of us together is like, 'How did that happen?' and how we're probably more alike and from the same kind of background...same kind of upbringing and same kind of family and same kind of house," Lopez says in the interview.

To hear Lopez tell it, she didn't initially see Oscar winner Affleck as soul mate material, lumping him in with "playboy types" and "skirt chasers."

But first impressions have given way to this: "[H]e is brilliantly smart," Lopez tells Sawyer. "Loving. Charming. Affectionate. And I just admire him in every way."

Lopez says her brilliantly smart boyfriend even charmed her hard-to-please mother: "She loves him...He won her over in true Affleck fashion."

It is unclear exactly what "true Affleck fashion" is, but we hope, for their sake, that the upcoming marriage does not progress in "true J.Lo fashion."

Lopez dispatched Hubby No. 1, then-waiter Ojani Noa, in a year. Hubby No. 2, dancer Cris Judd, got the boot after eight months.

Legally, J.Lo is still Mrs. Judd. Their divorce won't be final until January 26, meaning the never-married Affleck must wait nearly three months before becoming "Hubby No. 3."

There is no word on where or when the Lopez-Affleck merger will go down, although Lopez confirms to Sawyer that she and her guy recently visited a church in Boston.

"[But] we don't have any plans to get married at that specific church at this specific time," Lopez says.

To Sawyer, Lopez talks about the challenges and scheduling hassles of being an A-list couple in love.

"Both of you are working so much...And it's going to be compromise...and there's going to be sacrifice," Lopez says. "But what you gain in return is so much more fruitful and beautiful than any day on a set could be."

Lopez, 32, was raised in a house in the Bronx. Affleck, 30, was raised in apparently the same kind of house in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Their paths crossed earlier this year on the set of Gigli, a drama about a bad guy (Affleck) and the bad girl (Lopez) he falls for, due to be released in summer 2003.

Since then, the Lopez-Affleck affair has become a traveling road show, as seemingly every smooch is chronicled by the paparazzi. Keeping up the inseparable act, the two are currently working on their second film together, Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl. The duo also appear as the duo in J.Lo's new music video, "Jenny from the Block."

The engagement news comes as Lopez is about to drop a new album (That Is Me...Then, due out November 26) and a new movie (Maid in Manhattan, with Ralph Fiennes, due out December 13).

But Lopez says the Affleck affair is not about creating a media frenzy--perish the thought.

"I feel like he teaches me things."

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