Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Wears Heisenberg Mask to Disguise Himself on Crowded Comic-Con Floor

Stars from Teen Wolf and Doctor Who also wore costumes to dodge the crowds

By Jenna Mullins Jul 22, 2013 10:49 PMTags
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We don't want to hear anymore complaints from celebrities about not being able to go anywhere without being mobbed by fans. (Looking at you, royal baby!) Because at Comic-Con, the stars know exactly how to enjoy the superfan convention without anyone being the wiser: disguises!

How do you reach mastery level on the art of disguising yourself while walking through waves of fans, most of whom are probably at Comic-Con to see your show's panel? Just do what Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston did…and go as yourself.


Cranston walked the Comic-Con floor this weekend dressed up as his character Walter White, complete with a Heisenberg mask. He revealed his costume ploy during the Breaking Bad panel, and then his costar Aaron Paul got weird with the mask and things went from funny to awkward faster than you can say: "Yeah bitch!" But awkward in an awesome way.

Cranston wasn't the only TV star to use disguises to have some fun at The Con, as the cool kids sometimes call it. Wait, we're just hearing they don't call it that at all. Never mind. 

Anyway, Matt Smith of Doctor Who wore a Bart Simpson mask to take in the glorious sites of Comic-Con, and he even documented his journey with the video above. He even went as far as to pose for a photo standing next to a picture of himself as the Time Lord.  

Meanwhile, during The Big Bang Theory panel, Johnny Galecki was able to sneak into the crowd dressed as Princess Leia dressed as a bounty hunter. Got all that? Watch Return of the Jedi if you don't. In costume, he could join the rest of the Big Bang Theory fans lined up at the mic to berate the panel for not answering his question good enough.

Finally, Teen Wolf's Keahu Kahuanui turned the nerd factor up to 11 by designing his own costume, complete with a hood and creepy contact lenses. He revealed himself in the crowd during the panel and sent the crowd into a howling frenzy.

So next time you go to Comic-Con and you see some random person dressed as the Norse god Loki, might as well tackle him. It could be Tom Hiddleston himself, or Benedict Cumberbatch. Or, dare we say, Joss Whedon. You might be dragged away by security, but it'll totally be worth it.