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"It's incredibly manly!" How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor joked about breaking his foot while trying to, um, unplug an eco-friendly car. "Only in Hollywood."

"I was playing basketball, which is a very testosterone thing to do," he explained to E! News this weekend at Comic-Con, "and I kind of injured it. Then, I have a Prius that plugs in and I was late for something and I threw down the charger chord and then tripped over it and came down super hard on my foot. I broke my fifth metatarsal. But it was because my ankle was weakened from like, tough basketball playing."

Radnor reveals he will have a "stunt double" for a few scenes as his foot will take more than a month to heal. "Daniel Day Lewis is coming in to be a double for my left foot."

And of course, he's gonna have to do some serious girl-chasing this season, so heal fast, bro! HIMYM has revealed "the mother," played by Cristin Millioti, and Radnor's Ted Mosby could not be more thrilled: "She came and read and it was like ‘Oh, yeah, that seems like my wife.' Ted has been through so much and I like that he lands on his feet and lands with such a great girl."

"We will definitely be meeting the mother this season, and getting to know her separately before Ted really gets to know her," director Pam Fryman teases.

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Oh yeah, and HIMYM is totally going all 24 and stuff. The final season takes place over 56 hours, one wedding weekend (Robin and Barney's,) and Neil Patrick Harris jokes that HIMYM will do the thing that Kiefer Sutherland never dared to do on his silly show: Go to the bathroom. "It is going to be Jack Bauer but it is all bathroom breaks, the whole season."

"I think it's more liberating than challenging," creator Craig Thomas says of the 56-hour, wedding-weekend framework. "People don't want to see the exact same thing we've done for nine years. At the same time, people want to see How I Met Your Mother and I think we've hit that target, that Venn diagram. But it's been invigorating and exciting This is the most ideas we've had ahead of time. We're the furthest ahead we've ever been."

"It's the best ever," Jason Segal told us of the writing he has seen so far. "All the storylines, we're all doing what we need to do to lead up to this wedding and then in classic HIMYM style, it all converges into a perfect puzzle piece. It's like an early M. Night Shyamalan movie."

"This season feels like a wedding in all the best ways," adds creator Carter Bays. "We're seeing a ton of people that we've met over the past few years and bringing back all these family members. The way that a wedding celebrates a love story and marks the end of a chapter, all of that. It's gonna be fun."

Also fun, for the record? The How I Met Your Mother press room, which was pretty much the most enjoyable one for all of Comic-Con. Not only did Neil Patrick Harris try to kiss Cobie Smulders and talk in a goat voice, Alyson Hannigan and Jason also video-bombed their bosses, Craig and Carter, during our interview, prompting Craig to shot out: "This is our moment! Our moment! The respect that we feel from the actors over the past 8 years….Yeah, not really there."

Watch the video interviews for all the funny moments.

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