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"There will be three deaths in five episodes."

The grim reaper is coming to Teen Wolf again, people, so get the tissues ready! As if losing Erica (Gage Golightly) and Boyd (Sinqua Walls) wasn't already enough heartbreak and loss for fans to deal with, the MTV hit series will be offing another three characters before season three ends. Oh Jeff Davis, you cruel, cruel man! But at least there will be some epic kisses to help soften the blow?

At Comic-Con, we chatted with stars Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden about Stiles and Lydia's upcoming smooch that everyone is talking about! Plus, Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey and Daniel Sharman tease what's ahead for Derek, Scott and Isaac…

Death is hard for anyone to deal with, but putting the lives of people close to a 17-year-old teen werewolf is just plain wrong. Alas, this is the burden of Scott in the remaining episodes. "There's a bunch of deaths. A bunch of people will die," Posey teases. "Scott has to make the choices as to who's going to live and who's going to die and then he will ultimately probably become a True Alpha if he makes those correct choices."

Gulp! Prayer circles start here, so get in line now!

Of course, Scott isn't the only wolf in Beacon Hills dealing with loss as Derek was forced to kill his own pack member Boyd with his own hands in last week's episode. "Derek's juts lost at life…he's lost the game of life. He's failed in every area," Hoechlin previews of the "downward spiral" fans will witness in the coming episodes. "The death of Boyd really throws into perspective how big of a mess Derek has got himself into."

Fortunately, it's not all death and downward spirals as fans went absolutely crazy when Stiles and Lydia shared one helluva kiss in the trailer screened for fans during the Comic-Con panel.

"It's a really sweet Stiles and Lydia scene. I think it's in a couple [of episodes]," O'Brien spills. "It's one of my favorite scenes of the show…it's not exactly like what everyone is probably thinking, like we finally just make out and go crazy. It's actually a really tender moment between Stiles and Lydia, it's nice."

And it wasn't just the footage  that the crowd went crazy for as they absolutely erupted when the cast took the stage, including a standing ovation for O'Brien. As if cheers and standing ovations weren't enough, fans also gave the Teen Wolf gang some much-appreciated gifts. Sharman shares, "People are making dolls. I have a doll somewhere someone made of me." He later jokes, "I can sleep with myself every night. It's wonderful!"

Teen Wolf airs tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.

But should fans be worried about Isaac making it out of the season alive?! And why was Roden scared of the crowd after the trailer was screened? Watch our interviews with the cast above to find out!

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