Directioners, the wait is already over!

Just three short days after unveiling their new single, "Best Song Ever," One Direction has released the official, full-length music video for the catchy track.

As promised, the guys do not disappoint as they sing, dance and take over Hollywood with different personas.

One Direction, Best Song Ever

Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson play Harvey and Jonny, two studio executives who will say anything to please their clients.

Liam Payne is transformed into Leeroy, a choreographer who has a larger than life vision for how the young guys should dance. Doesn't he know 1D has the dancing skills covered already?

Harry Styles is put in charge of marketing and has plenty of fashion suggestions for the guys. Should the group go for an all purple look or all white look? Maybe we can pass on both of those ideas.

One Direction, Best Song Ever

Finally, Zayn Malik goes above the call of duty as he plays one attractive (and very female) assistant. Who knew Zayn can work a fashionable wig?

The new music video and single comes weeks before One Direction releases their first movie, This Is Us, in theatres nationwide on August 30.

In the documentary, cameras will follow the group as they travel all around the world in support of their huge hits like "What Makes You Beautiful," "One Thing" and "Live While We're Young."

Directioners will also gain access to photos and videos of the guys back in their younger days. Cue the awwws and shrieks from young girls!

All right, ladies, what do you think of the band's latest project? Could it be the best video ever? Let us know by commenting below!

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