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Spoiler Alert: We're talking about the big True Blood death tonight, so if you don't want to know that Anna Paquin was killed off, stop reading.


But really, though, we are going to say who died.

Todd Lowe, True Blood, Publicity Art

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RIP, Terry Bellefleur.

True Blood teased more than a month ago that a major death was coming, but very few (if any) fans predicted accurately that Terry (Todd Lowe) would be the one to go.

Tonight, in perhaps one of the most sob-inducing scenes in True Blood history, the poor war vet, who had put out a hit on himself because he had a death wish, died in the arms of Arlene (Carrie Preston) as she sang him a lullaby.

We knew the death was coming and still promptly took our proper stance in the fetal position, rocking ourselves and shaking, which makes this story just a wee bit hard to write.

Terry had finally shook all of the demons out of his head, as his devoted wife Arlene found a way to erase all of his painful war memories, and we saw a lightness to his character never before seen on the show.

And then he died. Because a show like this doesn't let anyone experience true happiness like that without true (ratings-inducing) consequences. Because True Blood is like that bad boyfriend who you know is no good for you, but you somehow can't quit.

Fan theories ranged about who True Blood's big death would be, with most rumors pointing to Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis). There were even rumblings it might be Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), which, no offense to the fantastic work of Todd Lowe, would have been a show killer.

Will you miss Terry? When you stop rocking yourself in the fetal position, feel free to post your thoughts in our comments section. Sigh. Trubie group hug?

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