Drew gets Charlie's Angels 2, Tom gets The Splooze.

Those are just two of many bizarre stipulations in the recent divorce settlement between Drew Barrymore and her husband of 158 days, Tom Green.

The free-spirited E.T. star and the gross-out MTV show host, who split last year, have divvied up their assets. And the results are as strange as their union.

Like a normal Hollywood ending, the duo divided their physical property. Green nabbed the couple's $2 million Studio City home (and its monster mortgage); Drew gets to keep her L.A. pad and pockets an "equalizing payment" of $307,603 to make up for the difference. Both amicably waived rights to spousal support payments, per the court petition finalized October 15 (and printed in all its glory on The Smoking Gun Website).

Things take a turn for the weird when it comes to the division of intellectual property rights. Drew, 27, who seems to have the golden touch of late when it comes to the box office, keeps the rights to movies that actually made money (and up-and-comers that are likely to do so), like Charlie's Angels 2, Never Been Kissed and Scream.

Green, 31, gets the dubious distinction of keeping his rights to potential Freddy Got Fingered-level stinkers like The Splooze, Gee Gee Gaudette, P.Diddy's Party, Subway Monkey Hour and Bozo the Clown.

In all, Barrymore keeps her rights to some 46 titles, while Green has the rights to 52 illustrious wannabe screen gems.

The oddly specific agreement is actually not all that crazy, when you consider the action-packed and goofy pairing, engagement and union of Drew and Tom.

They stood by each other during Green's much publicized (and grossly televised) battle with testicular cancer and a fire that destroyed Barrymore's $3 million Los Angeles-area home.

And though they were only married for five months, they pretended to be hitched for nearly a year, concocting false marriage stories and planting gag pregnancy announcements during various public appearances.

They finally did tie the knot on July 7, 2001, with an audience of such A-list comedians as Adam Sandler and Molly Shannon and Barrymore's Angels costars, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.

The recent dissolution agreement, however, officially puts an end to Drew-and-Tom saga, allowing them both to move on to bigger and better things.

Up next for Barrymore is the much-anticipated Charlie's Angels 2 (recently named Charlie's Angels Full Throttle), which is currently filming. Also on tap is an updated version of the cult classic Barbarella and a turn opposite Ben Stiller in the upcoming Duplex. She also may reunite with Wedding Singer costar Adam Sandler for the romantic comedy Fifty First Kisses.

Up next for Green? Well, who knows. Maybe he'll begin work on Mr. Froggie, item number nine on the divorce settlement.

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